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Meet Txirla-The San Sebastián Bivalve!


In time for Saturday's Donostia Klasikoa: The San Sebastian Classic we introduce cycling's newest mascot-

Txirla- The San Sebastian Bivalve!

Txirla means "clam" in Basque, and it extends a warm and hearty hand foot body whatever to all cycling fans!

What's he saying? 

Long Live the Clásica de San Sebastián!

Txirla who lives in the dreaded salt marshes of Txingudi which is at the foot of the famed Alto de Jaizkibel. Zombies have been known to use the marshes as a refuge, attacking innocent beccos. To this Txirla stands to keep the evil forces at bay, allowing one of the best bike races of the year to take place. Tzirla will be back later today to handicap this year's race but until then it welcomes you all to the wonderful Basque Country!