Giro Donne – Stage 3


They rode this exact same course as last year’s Stage 4, and then Fabiana Luperini gained a minute on Edita Pucinskaite, with Tatiana Guderzo taking 3rd a further 30s back, and 4th place Claudia Hausler coming in 20s later. So this will be one of the key stages of the race, a good day to throw a sickie on Chris’ scale, if there was likely to be any live coverage. Even better for Luperini, this is her home region so there will be lots of supporters along the side of the road.

Last year Cicloweb did a Cassani style preview (E duro, multo duro), but somehow someone has claimed copyright of the audio and YouTube have stripped it all off, voiceover too. It’s still interesting viewing, even if at times you expect a piano to come crashing down towards them.




This is the organisers’ video of the highlights from Stage 4 last year.

Rai Sport Piu will have half an hour of coverage at 20:00 local time. Bear in mind that Stage 2 was scheduled for 17:00 but didn't appear until 23:00.

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