Giro Donne – Stage 5

The next stage from Fossacesia on the coast up to Cerro al Volturno looks like a hard one to call. They set off from the church/monastery of San Giovanni in Venere and after only 2k hit a downhill ramp averaging 7-8% for 1.5k. Enjoy it while you can because that will be the last chance to freewheel for about 90k. Rather like stage 7 of the men’s Giro, todays route rises gently uphill for a very long time, before suddenly dropping away for a roller-coaster like descent into the valley. But in a cruel finale, the last km is uphill again, this time cobbled with sections up to 16%. The photo above doesn’t show the road, but it gives a pretty clear idea what to expect. There’s bound to be a scrap between the leaders for the odd second here and there, but who knows what places they will be racing for.

There’s not much incentive for someone to make a GPM dash today, since all that climbing only leads to a cat 3 summit. On top of that, the next three days have a lot more, nastier, and higher scoring climbs to come. So perhaps we can expect a handful of stage hunters to try and get away, a couple of the eighty or so girls who are more than 20 minutes down.

We’ve had no live coverage so far, but today that is a genuine possibility. OK not the motobike, sweat dripping off the tip of the nose type shot, but there is a webcam at the top of the climb in Rionero Sannitico. Just click here. The race is scheduled to pass there between 13:15 and 13:37, so if you feel lucky, start clicking. Otherwise the organisers have been putting up short videos every day on YouTube. The paint job on th Fenixs car is worth watching out for.

Rai Sport Piu will have half an hour of coverage at 19:00 local time. RAI 2 also seem to be interrupting their daily Tour coverage for a fifteen minute daily summary. Untimetabled, so it’s the luck of the draw if you get it or not.

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