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A Little Housekeeping

Just a few notes to pass on...

* First, I understand that the comment threads were a bit slow this morning. Fortunately we have hired a crack team of tech guys away from Cycling.TV, and I informed them of the trouble. They were quick to reply:

Have you tried blaming the users? That usually fixes the problem. Let us know if it doesn't and we will start dismantling features to punish them.

So, whatever you guys were doing, cut it out.

* Another big news item to regulars here is that, as you may have noticed, mobile commenting has come to the Podium Cafe (and other SportsBlogs Nation sites)! Go here for details. Also, apparently you can now re-tweet posts, though don't ask me why...

* As for the Tour-Only VDS, last night I downloaded each of the 172 entries, and will have them ready for regular scoring in the next 24 hours. A little glitch with the team validating function, so if that doesn't get sorted out, we will wait to see which teams are in contention and do some manual checking to make sure the spoils go to a legitimate winner. Also, a handful of you should check your emails: if you sent me a file format other than an .xls, chances are I need your help. For people who couldn't do excel, I'll be resolving those manually. Very, very few though.

That's it for now. Hopefully you will see the comment threads running faster tomorrow. One possible explanation is that our association with Yahoo! is generating a lot more traffic, but SBN has computers the size of Rhode Island, so I doubt that's it. Probably had more to do with the new features and some bugs associated with these site upgrades.