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Le Tour Stage 5... LIVE!


After two hard days, this stage has break written all over it. Columbia can't go full gas every day and won't want to chase. And if they don't chase, it's not clear who will. And if it's not clear who will, with crosswinds whipping through the peloton...  Then there's the question as to who wears yellow. With the early Pyrenean stages, the Tour includes a full week after the climbs for some team to defend the maillot jaune, and conventional wisdom is that Astana won't want the responsibility if they can dump it safely on another team. Saxo might have the same idea in mind... so is today the day you gift the jersey to a non-contender? Or are Saxo trying to help Cancellara set the record for most days in yellow by a Swiss rider? And if so, will Cancellara try to pull something over on Armstrong in the final KM?

Lots of potential intrigue. Enjoy!