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San Sebastian.... Live!



Txirla welcomes you to the 29th edition of the Donostia Klasikoa! May you have a wonderful time watching my race!

Race starts at around 11:05 CET or 5:05 am Eastern.

TV/Video: Steephill.TV and Cycling Fans have info on feeds while ace poster umwolverine will clue us in to what really works. Probably ETB1 at 15:15 CET or 9:15 am, Eastern. Other feeds (Sporza, NOS, possibly others) will probably start a bit later: check Steephill and Cycling Fans when new feeds go live.

Achtung! As this race lasts about five and a half hours that means we'll first tune in four hours into the race; around when the lead riders are hitting the Jaizklbel. So don't be late!

Audio only: Punto Radio (Spanish only)

Live tickers: Cycling news hopefully. Dariovasco will have a Spanish ticker and the Steeps have a linky to Google translations for it.