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Monday Madness: Pop A Cold One!

To hear the paid pundits describe it, America votes for its political leaders based on who they most want to have a beer with. Never mind that having a beer with these people is practically impossible, that some of the subjects (such as a recent president) aren't supposed to have beer with anyone, or that the experience would tell us nothing about their fitness for the job. No, those questions miss the point -- that everything is a form of entertainment -- so shut up and vote!

Well, all credit to Seahorse, who recognized in the Nibali thread that this is a perfectly good question to be asking of cyclists. Let's face it, pro cycling is a form of entertainment, to us anyway. Moreover, these guys tend to avoid beer, presumably against their wishes, despite many of them coming from some of the great detinations on any Beer Map (Belgium, Germany, etc.). So I would bet that a lot of cyclists, when allowed a frosty one, are especially pleasant to be around.

With that in mind, what currently active pro cyclist would you most like to have a beer with? I will add a poll when the choices start taking shape, though for now I don't fancy making a 1200-entry poll. To the comments!