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Friday O/T

Getting busy again:

  • Sunday: Vattenfall Cyclassics (VDS-4)
  • Tuesday (8/18): Tre Valle Varesine
  • Tuesday-Friday (8/21): Tour du Limousin (VDS-5)
  • Tuesday-Tuesday (8/25): ENECO/BeNeLux Tour (VDS-5)
  • Sunday (8/23): GP Ouest France-Plouay (VDS-4)

And then we're into Vuelta week. By which time I'll be off in the wilds of British Columbia, though barring any bear incidents I'll be back and refreshed for Stage 3. Am I the first person in American history to regret not scheduling vacation around the GP Plouay? Bah! Anyway, enjoy this brief lull, it's basically over.