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Eneco Stage 1, Aalter - Ardooie... LIVE!

Enecotour_1__mediumStage one of the Eneco Tour of Benelux heads down into Flanders and takes the peloton over a few roads recognizable to anyone who hangs out here at the Podium Cafe in April. The course is something of a tortured loop sandwiched between Gent and Kortrijk, passing through Deinze (where Gent-Wevelgem starts) and over the Tiegemberg and Nokereberg, between Oudenaard and Waregem. In other words, the race runs straight through the cycling heart of Flanders, arguably the heart of the entire sport. But this is the Eneco Tour, and we wouldn't want people getting carried away, so the bergs are largely just scenery off to the side and a bunch sprint is fairly well etched in stone. Today's call?

Enecobecco says: Go with the hot hand. And by hot hand, I don't mean the coldest hand in the entire cycling universe (Tom Boonen). I mean the Wenatchee Wonder, Tyler Farrar.

Hard to argue, even if there's no internet in his undisclosed location.

Final kilometre video here from SPORZA