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Tour du Limousin, Stage 2... LIVE!

Today brings us from France the Race of a Thousand Cows. Yes, someone has a sense of humor, placing the town of Millevaches somewhat adjacent to St. Merd in what must surely be a lovely part of France -- for no less lovely place would dare try to drive off the tourists with names that speak of cows and their byproducts. Regardless, it's a moderately bumpy ride to Felletin (PNR du Millevaches) with a pass through the Puy de Dome department, a famous locale in Tour lore (think kidney punches) and home to a lovely volcano that you can't really run a race over anymore. Anyway, there are some petit cotes in the final 40km, and the finish appears to gain a few meters of altitude, so look for a not-so-easy sprint finish. And a whole lotta cows.