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Tour of Utah Prologue: Photo Gallery

Tour of Utah

A rider from the Howelesko Partners/Felt U23 team passes the Capitol Dome.

The Tour of Utah opened last night with a short prologue on the roads around the stage capitol building. At 4.5 kilometers, the course followed the traditional format for a prologue with a rolling profile. Ben Jacques-Maynes of Bissell held the fastest time for much of the day after he rode the course in 6:16. With just four riders left to race, Brent Bookwalter of BMC outrode Jacques-Maynes by 3 seconds to take over the lead. In the final results, Bookwalter took the stage win and the race leader's jersey, while David Zabriskie of Garmin-Slipstream finished second and Ian McKissik of BMC took third. BMC had a good day at the races, as Chris Barton also now leads the Blue Jersey competition for Best Young Rider. David Zabriskie, meanwhile, will wear the Red Jersey today as Best Utah Rider.

Today's stage runs 137 kilometers from Ogden to Salt Lake. The course includes two significant climbs. The first climb of the day summits at kilometer 50 at the Snowbasin Ski Resort. After a short descent, the climbing resumes and the riders face a long grind to the base of the second climb of the day to Big Mountain. From the summit of Big Mountain at kilometer 120, it's a fast descent to the finish.

Fred Marx is chasing the Tour of Utah this week shooting photos. I'm playing production editor for him, because I'm nice that way. Very, very nice. This is the first installment of the Marx Files, a gallery from the Prologue. More photos, on the flip!

Zabriskie Tour of Utah

U.S. National Champion David Zabriskie at the pre-stage bike check.
Zabriskie finished second to Bookwalter, but took home the jersey of Best Utah Rider.

England Tour of Utah

Justin England of California Giant Berries on course.
England won last weekend's elite National Championship criterium in the rain at Downers Grove.

Dominguez Tour of Utah

Ivan Dominguez returns from Europe to ride for Rock Racing.
He will be looking forward to Sunday's criterium in downtown Salt Lake City.

Gehrig Tour of Utah

One of the locals, Bradley Gehrig represents Utah-based team Cole Sports.

McKissik Tour of Utah

Third placed finisher Ian McKissik of BMC in the starting gate.

Baldwin Tour of Utah

Former U.S. National Champion Chris Baldwin on course for Team Ouch.
Baldwin finished 14 seconds behind Bookwalter.

Bookwalter Tour of Utah

Happy winner Brent Bookwalter receives the Gold Jersey of race leader.

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All photos are copyright Christopher See and are used with permission. Reproductions available on request. Please look, but don't touch.