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Housekeeping: The Laundry List!

Where to start...

  • I am headed out on a much-needed vacation tomorrow. We will be in various parts of British Columbia for a week. I am skeptical that they have the internet in B.C., but Canada can be surprising at times, so it's possible you will hear from me on occasion. That said, this will be a good proving ground for that old PdC saw, "the blog is what you guys make it out to be." In other words, things will be humming. Am pretty sure we'll be in Vancouver during the Vuelta kickoff, so I might see the opening stages after all.
  • VDS prizes: I can say with no small measure of pride that I have just mailed out the wool jerseys to last year's winners. Well, two of them, ch.piti fuentes you need to email me since I have no mailing address for you. I also have sent along the Lance Armstrong Challenge loot to Frinking. If you're wondering why I keep asking for PayPal donations, check out the postage rates to the Netherlands, where more than half of our prizes have been sent.
  • VDS Updates: I have been lagging a bit but hope to get up to speed and post the handful of new results today. Oh, and I haven't forgotten that Maxime Monfort won the Belgian Nats ITT last weekend. If there are any other straggling national championships happening, feel free to remind me. Anyway, we need a clean slate for the Vuelta.

I think that's it for now. Oh, we have another special contest coming. Announcement in a moment. No, it's not a Livestrong tea kettle. Sorry...