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La Vuelta: Un Pequeño Concurso!

Vuelta-sm_mediumYep, it's that time of the year again -- another grand tour, time to fire up Google Translations and get silly with it. While we bailed on a Vuelta only VDS this time around, we do have some games to play. Namely... the Roadside Garden Gnome Pick the Podium Contest! The rules of the contest are simple enough... pick the damn podium. In order. Your submission will be scored as follows:

  • Ten points for picking the winner;
  • Six points for picking the runner-up;
  • Three points for picking the third-place finisher; and
  • One point for any correctly selected podium finishers placed on the wrong step (i.e., if you pick Valverde to win, you'll get one point when he finishes second).

Most points wins. Tie-breaker! Pick the number of stages Columbia will win. But here's the interesting part: the winner will receive Roadside's garden gnome, a 14-inch-tall ceramic gnome, customized for Podium Cafe members:


DO NOT EMAIL ME ANYTHING! Since I will be away, let's skip that. Submit your selection by using the comments thread to this post. Predictions due the evening before the prologue. Editors, please feel free to re-post the contest a few times over the next week, so it's not forgotten. I will put it in the features box so you can find it in the right sidebar. One last word... of warning: if you win this contest, you will receive a garden gnome from Roadside. So proceed with caution. Good luck!