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*Lotto for the Vuelta

The following is by majope from the rabo thread. It should have it's own post:


Cadel Evans, Christophe Brandt, Francis De Greef, Mickael Delage, Philippe Gilbert, Olivier Kaisen, Matthew Lloyd, Jurgen Roelandts, and Charles Wegelius.

I’m sure there’s solid strategy behind leaving out last year’s points winner…

(Okay, okay—maybe Van Avermaet is tired or wants to concentrate on the worlds or whatever. But this is Silence-Lotto, which means I have to pick on them at least a little.)


ursula: can De greef, Wegalius, and Lloyd give Evans the help he needs to finally claim the top spot?  Can Roelandts fly under the radar like van Avermaet did last year to win the points jersey?