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Tour of Utah Stage 4 Photo Gallery

Alex Howes Tour of Utah

Alex Howes rides the early break with Ben Jacques-Maynes and Jeremy Vennell of Team Bissell.
Howes attacked solo from the break and won the Queen Stage of this year's Tour of Utah.

I so totally surfed myself into a stupor today. Really, I could write a stage story for the Tour of Utah, but it would hardly make much sense. Instead, I will direct you to the far more intelligible Podium Insight, where you will find a thorough race report and a pair of vastly entertaining interviews with stage winner and U.S. U23 National Champion Alex Howes. So look at the photos here. Then, go there and read the stories. Or, vice-versa. Whatever works best for you. Choose your own adventure.

Photo Gallery, Below the fold.

Tour of Utah

A group of eight riders escaped early in the stage.

Jeremy Vennell Tour of Utah

Jeremy Vennell of Team Bissell rides the early break.

Tour of Utah

Rock Racing did the hard work of chasing in an effort to defend Francisco Mancebo's race lead.

Tour of Utah

Crowds line the climb to the finish at Snowbird Resort.

Alex Howes Tour of Utah

U23 U.S. National Champion Alex Howes wins the Queen Stage of this year's Tour of Utah.
I think he's happy, don't you?

Jeff Louder Tour of Utah

Jeff Louder of BMC, wearing the Red Jersey of Best Utah Rider, defended his third place in the general classification.

Darren Lill Tour of Utah

Darren Lill of Team Type 1 conceded the Mountains jersey to Howes, but remained second in the general classification.

Tour of Utah

Top three stage finishers: Burke Swindlehurst, Alex Howes, and Francisco Mancebo.

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