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Vuelta Stage 2 Preview: Assen - Emmen

Stage 2 :: Sunday August 30, 2009
203.7km :: Assen - Emmen

Buckle your seat belts for this stage boys and girls.  Angelo Zomegnan Christiane Prudhomme Victor Cordero really pulled a corker out of his hat on this one.  In fact, this stage may just rival a handful of this year's Tour stages as receiving the "torpidly boring" award.  Yes, I just used "torpid", you can't unsee it.

This course makes a pair of loops, like bunny ears, around and through Assen, making it nearly impossible to map, followed by a trip down towards Emmen, makers of all things cheese in that valley, I'm guessing.  You'll want to watch the stage though, if for no other reason than you'll get your annual dose of vowels trying to read the names of the cities their riding through.


Gavia took valuable time out from surfing to provide us with hinkfo...

Assen is the capital of the Dutch province of Drenthe. The city dates from the 13th century and originated as a monastery town. Since the end of the Second World War, Assen has grown significantly and serves as a center of administration and industry. The city is also known for its bike friendly ways.

From Assen, the course heads southeast to the finish in Emmen, which sits not far from the border between the Netherlands and Germany. Emmen also developed in the postwar period where previously the small farms and peat-harvesting villages dotted the landscape. Despite its relatively recent development, Emmen boasts a church dating from the Middle Ages. It is the second most populous city in Drenthe and looks like a lovely spot for a bike ride and a post-bike ride beer.

Courtesy of Gavia's Stage 2 Preview at

Meanwhile, we here at Dive Master Central, received an email this morning from a man purporting to be The Frinkster himself.  Let's take a trip down to Frinking's Corner and see what's posted on the bulletin board...

Viva la Hollandia part dossss!  Best-case scenario: Echolons!  Is it spring yet?  Worst-case scenario: Most boring stage EVER in the history of a GT.  Well, they can win the KOM jersey here.  The climb is 10m and average gradient of 1%! ... It will give Vacansoleil some reason to be in the breakaway.

That's right folks, I think we saw %$#@!!!! bunnyhop a curb higher than this at the Giro this year.  Not much I can add to this one.  Sprint like the devil was chasing you boys...