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Have You Seen This Goat?



Name: Tourbecco
DOB: 3 July 1999
Height: Goatish
Weight: Climberish

Last seen: On or around 26 July 2009

Tourbecco was last seen cavorting and grinning leerishly in a field of sunflowers in Southern France. Since then, he has vanished without a trace. Unconfirmed reports suggested that he had headed to Switzerland, perhaps to meet up with his close relative Tourbeccow. But no leads have so far been uncovered in the land of cheese and money. Other sources claim that Tourbecco was seen lurking in the Swamps of Txingudi, where he may have or may not have come into contact with the dread sea mollusk Txirla. Search teams have been dispatched to the fearsome swamp, but have yet to find any sign of the lost Tourbecco.

One widely-held theory claims that Tourbecco was kidnapped by Zombie Girbecco. A photograph even surfaced of Tourbecco with his Zombie stalker closing in. But close forensic examination has shown the photo to have been digitally altered. Upon further questioning, eyewitness accounts of the Zombie encounter seem to have been induced by the Green Fairy making mischief. So much trouble, she causes. Or, maybe it was the soup. In any case, firm evidence supporting the Zombie Theory has proven elusive, despite a desperate search throughout Southern France.


If you see the missing Tourbecco, do not approach him. Carefully note the time and place of the sighting, and contact authorities immediately. Anonymous tips welcome. There is a reward for any and all information leading to the recovery of the missing Goat.

Got Information? Call: 1-800-GOBECCO


Milk Carton graphic copyright Veloki, all rights reserved. Thanks Vee!