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Poland, Stage 3-Be There....LIVE!


Bielsk Podlaski - 
Lublin 225.1 km

Flat stage, and folks, you may have forgotten what a bunch sprint means what with seeing Columbia and Cavendish make a mockery of bunch sprints at the Tour. But here in Poland, we're seeing 5-6-7 riders across the road all with a good chance at winning. So check out this stage and you will be satisfied.


Another nice thing is the picture quality: very clear IMO. Easy on these eyes that are used to HD. Much better than San Seb.

Cycling Fans has the links. Our umwolverine will post links too when he she sees 'em. Video should/could start around 10:15 am Eastern, 16:15 CET (or is it CEST? Ooo.)