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Tour de Pologne Stage 6... LIVE!

Poland_mediumQueen Stage time.

Alessandro Ballan holds a pretty slim lead overall -- no less than 40 guys within 40 seconds, including Ivan Basso and Daniel Martin. Judging from the profile one would think that there are 40 seconds to be found on a course like this, though if Ballan is strong and the climbs are short, he won't be easy to drop. Of course, you can't actually judge anything from profiles.

For what it's worth, Ballan sounds feisty, and we all know he is riding with a rainbow-striped chip on his shoulder... to say nothing of a for sale sign. But the April weather will likely have moved on, so who knows. Should be interesting. The usual PdC suspects for our Poland coverage should have the details on where to get your further info. No video? Look on YouTube later today for highlights. Enjoy!