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Reshuffling at the House of Lampre: Bruseghin Goes, Ballan Stays


More news comes today from the House of Lampre. First, Gazzetta dello Sport confirms that Marzio Bruseghin will leave the team at the end of this season. The rupture between Lampre and Bruseghin dates from the rider protest over the Milano stage of this year's Giro, and proved impossible to repair. Bruseghin has signed a two year contract with the Franco-Spanish team, Caisse d'Épargne. The 35 year old Italian crono specialist returns to his roots with this transfer. He began his career with the Banesto team, where he rode from 1999 to 2002. The contract is reportedly worth €390,000 per year.

Current World Champion Alessandro Ballan, meanwhile, may remain at Lampre after all. Thanks to the personal intervention of Mario Galbusera, the owner of Lampre. The team sponsor has typically played an active role in the team, and has decided to take a hand in the Ballan affair. Thanks to Galbusera, Ballan now has an offer for a two year contract from the team and based on his comments to Gazetta, seeme likely to accept the offer. "This is a beautiful thing, and it gives me great pleasure, because this team is like a family," said Ballan. "In the end, we will have six beautiful years together," he concluded. Gazzetta does not confirm that Ballan has signed the contract from Lampre, but it sure seems likely that the World Champion will remain in the fuschia and blue jersey of the team for another two years.

No word yet on the plans of Damiano Cunego. No doubt both he and the team are waiting for Worlds and his favorite race, Giro di Lombardia.

— Source, Gazzetta dello Sport