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Vuelta Stage 13: Post Stage Thread

Vuelta-post_mediumLots of GC intrigue today, but the real story was off the bike... precisely, the full minute or so Cadel Evans spent off the bike waiting for a wheel change from the neutral service. That, plus the elimination of Danielson and the yo-yoing of Sammy Sanchez were the big shakeups in the GC. David Moncoutie won the stage, despite being older than some of the hills on which the race took place, while in the last KM Zeke Mosquera bagged a few extra seconds. Valverde easily got third over Gesink and Basso. Results:

  1. David Moncoutie, Cofidis
  2. Zeke Mosquera, Xacobeo Galicia, at 0.52
  3. Alejandro Valverde, Caisse d'Epargne, at 1.16
  4. Robert Gesink, Rabobank, at 1.17
  5. Ivan Basso, Liquigas, s.t.
  6. Samuel Sanchez, Euskaltel, at 1.37
  7. Joaquim Rodriguez, at 2.09
  8. Cadel Evans, Silence-Lotto, at 2.24 

Plenty of changes in the GC, with Valverde being today's big winner...

  1. Valverde
  2. Gesink, at 0.27
  3. Basso, at 1.02
  4. Evans, at 1.23
  5. Sanchez, at 1.32
  6. Mosquera, at 1.46
  7. Rodriguez, at 5.02
Screencap du jour: