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Vuelta Stage 16 Preview: Córdoba - Puertollano

Stage 16 :: Tuesday September 15, 2009
170.3km :: Córdoba - Puertollano

A flat stage is in store for you. A couple of Cat.3 climbs on this one, some ridge running and plateau uh... planing?!? Anyway, it's totally a sprinters/breakaway stage. I'm not as up on the current placements of sprint competition contestants, so I don't know if those teams would allow a breakaway to succeed, but after the weekend, this would be a good time for it. Expect it to be pretty piano, I'm guessing

Are you aware that in the Arab city of Córdoba were two miles of public lighting in the streets when London was a village? I know it, because someone said it in a movie once, so it must be true. The only thing more authoritative than things said in movies is things written on Wikipedia!

Holy Gavia, you've been down too long in the midnight sea... oh what's becoming of me...

The Vuelta a España leaves Andalucia at last with this stage and enters Castilla-La Mancha. The stage departs from Córdoba and passes along the eastern edge of the Sierra Morena mountain range which rises up behind the city. The course tracks north, then turns east to finish in Puertollano. The profile includes two categorized climbs, but neither is especially difficult. After the hard days in the mountains, the general classification riders will enjoy this relatively tranquil day. The day should end in a bunch sprint on the streets of Puertollano.

Puertollano lies directly south of Madrid. The Vuelta travels toward its finale now, though the race loops north before arriving Spain’s capital city on the final day. The name, Puertollano, comes from a mash-up of Puerto meaning mountain pass, and llano meaning flat. A tad oxymoronic, this city name. Archeological digs in the area have uncovered tools and art that date from the Bronze Age. In 1348, the Plague came to Puertollano and only 13 families survived. According to tradition, they prayed to the Virgin Mary for protection, and the annual fiesta del Santo Voto commemorates their survival. Long a mining town, Puertollano is now a center for alternative energy, especially solar technology.

Puertollano has hosted the Vuelta on three occasions since 2005. Alessandro Petacchi, Leonardo Duque, and Daniele Bennati have all won in Puertollano. Perhaps that previous victory will bring Bennati the luck he needs to take home his first stage victory of this year’s race.

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Frinking's Corner is on haitus and today we bring you Frinkenstein's Box of Gloat :)

BBBBOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM! Like a panter, like the killer, like Cance, as easy as Conta.. in one word Briljant! The road is paved with talent in The Netherlands. Glad the rest of the world sees it now..

The stage itself was boooooooommmmiing booorrring and gues what? Just check in for the last hour tomorrow. Nothing to see. Probably again a breakway. As Armstrong stated. SSDD.

There are few sprinters left so if there are more than 5 in the breakway they are going to hold. Less it's for the sprinters. My call.. Turpin!