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Vuelta Stage 19: Post Stage Thread

Vuelta-post_mediumThe Sanchez Surprise has officially not materialized. Yesterday was a nonevent, and today Sammy clearly had the downhill attack on his brain, but for whatever reason (I'll go with wet, overly dangerous conditions) it wasn't to be. Valiant racing by all, but Valverde is simply the strongest guy in the race. Results:

  1. JJ Cobo
  2. Alejandro Valverde, at 0.03
  3. Cadel Evans, s.t.
  4. Sammy Sanchez, s.t.
  5. Daniel Moreno, s.t.

One change to the GC... sadly Robert Gesink has succumbed to injuries. I was pretty sure he'd lose that second step of the podium anyway, but now it's official.

  1. Valverde
  2. Sanchez, at 1.25 (prov)
  3. Basso, at 1.45 (prov)