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Hey y'all... I am entering the last 28 hours or so of a month of non-stop travel and assorted madness, with the resumption of quiet blogging the expected outcome. My priorities upon returning, in order:

  1. Full VDS Update
  2. Safety of my family
  3. Preview of the Mendrisio courses
  4. Favorites handicapping
  5. Grocery Shopping
  6. Safety of Vueltabecco

That last item is only marginally a priority, since it's more a matter for the Swiss Guard and not really my problem. News flash: those 'Beccos multiply faster than the spiders currently taking over Seattle (I am told), so if another one goes in some Swedish stew... let's just say there's a fine line between a nice dinner and a horrible tragedy. An army of undead beccos? OK, I have a problem with that. But for now I wouldn't worry.

OK, time to start pecking away at the VDS. Thanks again to all for a wonderful, bloggable Vuelta.