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The Great Vuelta VDS Update Project

OK, I have scored the Vuelta. I can't do the overall until I get caught up on all the other races, but that'll be in a day or two. For now, kids screaming, so I will post briefly and run.Vueltabecco_full_medium

First off, here is your full table for your perusal. As for the top teams:

  1. Team Aero-Euro, 2635 points
  2. Hüzünspor, 2235
  3. Sean Kelly's Calf Muscles, 2215
  4. Playing with Podium Girls, 2205
  5. Cycle Dutch Maniacs, 2120
  6. aaaHTFU Racing, 2005
  7. Vlammende Vedetten, 1895
  8. The Smiling Hashashins, 1820
  9. Orange Bar Tape, 1775
  10. Team JRH, 1765

Please check for any errors and get back to me if you detect one. And no, the fact that DemonCats and Itswells are both in the top ten is not necessarily an error. Congrats to Graham for a well-earned, Valverde-fueled grand tour victory, definitively proving the error in factoring Italian Justice into your VDS decisions.

Vueltabecco says: Viva la Vuelta! Hey, if Sean Kelly can win one, why not Valverde?