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Riis: Saxo Bank Plug-Pull a Surprise

Saxo Bank DS Bjarne Riis held an online press conference today where he expressed surprise at the decision last week of his principle sponsor to stop sponsorship of cycling after the 2010 season. According to Feltet.DK, translated through Teh GoOgLe:

"We are obviously disappointed, it was not something we had expected. We have, in my opinion delivered everything one would expect from a sponsorship, perhaps even more. But Saxo Bank now has a different strategy for the future, and we must accept it."

Riis also spoke optimistically of the coming season and his ability to find a new sponsor.

I don't have time now for more details, but the conference was held online and details are at the Saxo Bank site. A transcript might be available through more digging; otherwise look for one later today.