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Cancer Council Helpline Crit Live Thread... and a Note on Heroes

Our first live thread of 2010! Might not be our best, since live video is a mystery. Do your best. But first...

Abraham Lincoln. Martin Luther King. Joe Hill. The dude who stood in front of the tanks. All people who summoned unfathomable bravery and made the world a better place. And now there's another.



At great risk -- to his warranty, to his reputation, to his car itself -- Flatbagger has chosen to toss out all reason and logic, and put on the greatest display of PodiumCafe-ness in the history of the universe. My wife and I have been crying tears of joy for most of the last three hours. I can only imagine what Veloki will think. Anyway, Flatbagger, you sir are the greatest Australian hero since the dude who wrestled the crocodiles.

[To anyone who gets rear-ended by this vehicle, Flatbagger is in no way, shape or fashion a representative of or otherwise affiliated with the Podium Cafe.]

As for today's race (which Australians are humorously calling "Sunday"), Robbie McEwen is a mortal lock to win. I don't know this for sure, but if McEwen were born in the US, he would be an urban crit legend. Bike handling, attitude, fast finish, reckless disregard for other people's fast finishes... he has it all, crit-wise. He also strikes me as way too proud a guy to go through a season like last year -- three wins, including this race -- and not come back with a chip on his shoulder. Mortal lock, people. Enjoy!