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That Didn't Take Long


Something about plain black jerseys... they sure do know how to make an entrance. Remember the "Ugly Jersey" debut in 2008, when the black-clad High Road team kicked off their soon to be unfrickingbelievable run of quality by ironing some letters on a black kit and sweeping the TdU? I'm not saying we're there, but for Team Sky to grab the top two places today, even in a mere 57km urban crit, is still one hell of a debut. No sign of a Volvo with a cool orange logo on the hood sneaking up behind on the road here, so from my perspective it's been a very successful start to the 2010 road season. Chapeau Sky! Results:

  1. Greg Henderson, Team Sky
  2. Chris Sutton, Team Sky
  3. Andre Greipel, HTC-Columbia
  4. Robbie McEwen, Katusha
  5. Baden Cooke, Saxo Bank