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Counting Down!


I have in my hand the final design for the Official Podium Cafe cycling kit. Actually, it's not in my hand, it's on my hard drive. Whatevs.

Watch for the official design unveiling this Tuesday at Noon! That's California time, by the way. You can do your own math.

We'll also have details about how you can rock the Podium Cafe colors. We will have long and short sleeved jerseys, bib shorts, arm warmers, and winter hats available to pre-order. So you'll look totally stylin' on your Spring bike adventures. Not that you don't look totally stylin' already, of course. This place is all style.

Capo Forma will make the clothing for us to our design by Veloki. Roll over to the Capo Forma website and check out the Capo Forma catalogue. You can also take a tour of their Italian factory with Pezcyclingnews. Italian clothing. So yummy. Too bad we can't get a side order of Sidi with that.

What? You want to know the colors now? Okay, I'll give you a hint. One of the colors is black. That's all I'm saying. Soon, all your questions will be answered. They do say patience is a virtue. I'm not sure I've ever believed them, myself.