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Announcing the Official Podium Cafe Cycling Kit


After months of work in the top-secret Design Cave, we are pleased to unveil the Official Podium Cafe Cycling Kit. Yes, we have worked long and hard, staring a color charts, changing fonts, smoking crayons, and trying out design after design. At last, we found it! The perfect kit design! Well, we think it's perfect anyway. Thanks to Veloki for her time, patience, and talent. Without her, we would all look much less cool.

Podium Cafe Cycling Kit

Below the fold: Longsleeve jersey, armwarmers and winter hat!

Coming soon, we'll tell you how to order your very own Podium Cafe kit!

Podium Cafe Longsleeve Jersey

Podium Cafe Armwarmers

Podium Cafe Winter Hat

Kit Design by Sheri, @StudioKiSun. Copyright 2010, all rights reserved. Thanks Sheri!