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Milano-Sanremo Finish Unchanged


La Primavera will follow the same finish this year as it did last year. The race organizers issued a statement today to correct what they called misunderstandings in the media. Rumors had suggested that the Italian monument would add a new, less sprinter friendly finish to the race. The 101st Milano-Sanremo will depart Milano on the via della Chiesa Rossa and conclude in Sanremo on the Lungamare Italo Calvino. Seven climbs will enliven the proceedings: Turchino, Le Manie, Capi Mele, Cervo, Berta, Cipressa, and Poggio. The year's edition of the 298 kilometer race takes place on Saturday, 20 March. British sprinter Mark Cavendish won the 2009 edition ahead of Heinrich Haussler. Oh Barbie, Barbie!