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From young Teejay Van Garderen, courtesy of a profile over at CN:

I’ve always had a strong stance against doping and I’ve always been afraid of taking anything, be it an Ibuprofen, or a cold medicine. I’m always scared there could be contamination and I’d rather not take anything.

Lots of guys are ethical, smart, careful, etc. We can't prejudge Tom Zirbel's case, but he and/or others have raised the possibility of an accidental positive from a tainted (but otherwise legal) supplement. Let's face it, the rules are very complicated, and at the same time Cycling is awash in nutrition gizmos, predominantly legal and necessary or at least quite useful for guys putting their body through hell on a daily basis. In such a world that is (rightfully) uber-vigilant about combatting doping, I can't think of anything that would suck worse than an accidental positive.

Anyway, I thought this was a nice window into the onus placed on riders nowadays. If you mess up, there's no safety net.