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Twit Du Jour

More first-person wisdom from the cycling world... except today it's not one specific Twit, but rather a theme. I recently redid my Twitter list to focus on riders from the northern teams, and if they're an accurate depiction of the universe, every cyclist is either on a plane or about to be. To wit:

  • Johan Bruyneel has been stuck on a plane to Paris, or maybe now it's to Madrid. Last night he got stranded at Heathrow
  • Craig Lewis is packing his suitcase
  • Frank Schleck is dreaming of some Spanish playa he's jetting off to tomorrow
  • Teejay van Garderen has been waiting three days for his luggage to show up
  • Koen de Kort has sore eyes from uncomfortable cat-naps on the plane
  • Robbie Hunter is burning through a stack of books en route to Kuala Lumpur, then Sydney
  • Mick Rogers is on a flight to Melbourne

And on it goes. I would guess that when cyclists retire, they miss the travel about as much as they miss the food rationing.