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LIVE: Bienvenue au Tour 2011!

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Le-tour-sm_medium_medium_medium_mediumEnjoyed your day of vacation between the 2010 and 2011 seasons? Mine was lovely. I got a lot done at work today. We replaced the dead goldfish and my presentation for next month is starting to take shape. My form is coming around for the last month of cross. Weather was nice. Hope you had a good day off as well.

Because it's over.

Our friends at ASO couldn't leave us with idle hands for long. Maybe they feared that if we got reacquainted with our families we'd never come back. So quicker than you can say Alpe d'Huez (twice), it's time for Cycling's greatest Gala, the Tour de France route presentation. Catch it LIVE at 6:30am Eastern (US), 11:30 Parisian time, and 4:12pm next Thursday in Australia. Video here.

We had an earlier thread where you can check out some of the rumors of the course, if you're interested in the cycling part of things. However, as I will sleep through all of the presentation, I fully expect to wake up to a detailed discussion of the fashions of the Peloton, as tomorrow is Cycling's Bryant Park. Liberal use of screencaps is strongly encouraged. Allons-y!