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Fanpost v. Fanshot

Howdy there! There seems to be some confusion about the difference between fanposts and fanshots. Well, at least, some people have been asking me that particular question. I really don't know why we have both, but we do, so we endure. Here I am to help out with a few suggestions on when to use which sort of post. Because you know, these things are so vital.

Fanpost For the vast majority of stuff, you should use a fanpost. One big reason for this: The fanpost gives the editor people much more flexiblity - Like say, I show up hours after you posted, see your post, think it's awesome, and decide to front page it. If it's a fanpost? I can reset the time stamp so your fabulous bit of wording can be at the top of the page. A fanshot? I can't do that. Boo! The one limitation on Fanposts is that they must include 75 words. But c'mon, like that's a problem for you people? No, it's definitely not. If it is, well, you can always go Dan's route and reach for the Greeking. Bottom line: Use fanposts most of the time.

Fanshot Fanshot is designed for quick hits. A link, a photo, a quote. Use these things when you really aren't going to say anything at all about the topic. You're just going post and run. A bit rude, this posting and running, but sometimes it can't be helped. What? Writing about cycling isn't your whole life? What's wrong with you people? If you are going to write anything at all, stop! Do not pass go! Use a fanpost!

Okay, that settles that. Got questions? Post 'em up.