Podium Cafe inspires riders to break out the crayons... EDIT: crayons = win!



We love crayons, right?  And we love riders who talk to us?  Well, rejoice, because I think Podium Cafe may have created a monster!  Not only does British Cyclo-Cross rider Helen Wyman attribute her Koppenbergcross success to us, we've also got her seriously into the crayons, or their digital equivalent!  She illustrated her post-Koppenberg interview for us, & sent me her inspirational drawing to decorate Gavia's interview with Ian Field (scroll down through the comments) - and now she's sent us this as a special gift - it's a picture of her life in Oudenaarde from her latest blog - and check out her nice words about us! 

EDIT!!  Helen & Stef sent me this yesterday, & Helen had posted the nice words about Podium Cafe on her blog...  so today, when she raced the huge mudfest that is Jaarmarktcross Niel, of course she was going to win!  Yay Helen!  Told you talking to the Cafe would help you win more races!

However as a bit of a change I thought I might illustrate my own blog with a little art work as I feel inspired after my recent podium cafe master pieces. If you haven’t seen them already shame on you and before you continue check them out.

and here's her mini-preview of CycloCross Niel tomorrow:

Moving back into reality my next race is Thursday in Niel near Antwerp and judging by the amount of rain we have lately its going to be an amazingly fun mudfest. I really can’t wait.

So, look what we've done - Podium Cafe has infected a rider with the love of crayons!  This is a trend we need to continue, no?  And thanks Helen, for adopting us!