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Two More for Teutenberg

Ina-Yoko Teutenberg tells us over the Twit that she has signed on for another two years of racing with HTC-Columbia. In her own words:

did sign my retirement contract.sorry @ellenvdijk that you have to endure me grumpy old bitch longer! ;) about 3 hours ago via web

Teute claims this contract is her last, though her team-mate Ellen van Dijk is not totally convinced:

@yokoteute Congrats with the right choice! Although I never doubt you would leave me ;) How many retirement contracts did you sign by now? about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to yokoteute

Ellen also suggests that ice cream may have been involved in Teute's decision to sign a new contract. Bribery! Scandal!

HTC-Columbia should win a silly amount of races next year with the combo of Teute, Judith Arndt, Amber Neben, and Evie Stevens. The match-up among the three big teams, Garmin-Cervélo, HTC-High Road, and Diadora, should make for some good days of racing on the women's side. Watch this space! I have an interview with Amber Neben on the way. As soon as my cat finishes writing it, that is.