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Who do you blame?

As we sum up the 2010 season we have seen a lot of tribute posts to riders and teams. A lot of excellent balanced analysis has been done on why events unfolded in the manner that they did and I think we are starting to get a full image of the races and riders that made the year so special. But let's face it, no summation is complete without a proper dose of venomous blame, spite and recriminations against those who conspired to ruin the season for themselves and others.

So without further ado let's cast the first stone and get the verdict on who the seasons dirty villains are?

1. BMC had a lackluster spring season despite one of the strongest lineups on paper. Who do you blame?

1. George Hincapie and his rotten luck.  X. Their mediocre DS. 2. Fabian Cancellara

More fingerpointing questions after the jump:

2. Lance Armstrong failed to be competitive in the Tour for the first time since 1999. Who do you blame?

1.Jeff Novitzky. X.His mediocre DS. 2.Fabian Cancellara

3. Stage 2 from Bruxelles to Spa in the TdF  turned into a neutralized debacle after a slip and slide on the descent of the Stockeu. Who do you blame?

1. The farmer with the leaking tractor  X. The route planner at ASO 2. Fabian Cancellara

4. Nick Nuyens had an abysmal season, finishing way down in the PdC rankings. Who do you blame?

1. Rabobank tactics X. Nick Nuyens 2. Hyo Suk Gong

5. After an exodus of riders Saxobank-Sungard look severely weakened going into the 2011 season. Who do you blame?

1.Kim Andersen & The Schlecks  X.Bjarne Riis  2.Fabian Cancellara

6. Bradley Wiggins failed miserably to follow up on his 2009 Tour success. Who do you blame?

1. Wiggo X. Ignorant journalists 2. Uncle Fester

7. The Tour de France 2010 will possibly be remembered for yet another high profile doping scandal. Who do you blame?

1. Alberto Contador X. The Butcher  2.The UCI

8. Matti Breschel suffered some untimely mechanicals in the spring classics that potentially robbed him of some stellar results. Who do you blame?

1. Specialized & Sram X. His mechanic & DS 2. Fabian Cancellara


Plotting pure evil?

9. Mark Cavendish had a surprisingly weak start to the season. Who do you blame?

1. The girlfriend. X. The Dentist. 2. The Internet Forum People

10. Edvald Boasson Hagen was a massive bust in the VDS. Who do you blame?

1. Ursula X. Uncle Fester 2. Norway

11. The opening stages of the Giro in the Netherlands were marred by a string of bad crashes. Who do you blame?

1. Dutch road-furniture X. Dutch roads in GT's 2. Freaky dutch people in general

12. Tour of Austria was once again relegated to Second Most Popular Stagerace in July. Who do you blame?

1. The UCI X. Riccardo Riccó 2. Reality

13. When Jens reached the braatwoorst-stand in Geraardsbergen he was forced to wait an unreasonably long time for his woorst. Who do you blame?

1. Albertina & Omnevelhill X. The Fontecchios 2. Fabian Cancellara


Do you blame these men?

14. Fabian Cancellara failed to repeat his 2009 Tour de Suisse win. Who do you blame?

1. Fränk Schleck X. Fabian Cancellara 2. Real actual mountains

15. For the first time in recorded history the year's three Grand Tours surpassed the Classics in pure Awesomeness. Who do you blame?

1. Podicci X. Txirla 2. Fabian Cancellara