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Sweat-Dropper of the Year!

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This caught my eye: a poll in Het Laatste Nieuws on the best helper. Belgian only in this case, but thankfully one of my favorite guys Maxime Monfort made the list. Anyway, we all know that cycling consists of various guys filling various jobs, and the helper role is about as critical to a team's success as putting air in the tires. So rather than merely honoring guys like Cancellara whose trophy case is filling up faster than Bjarne Riis' transfer season wish list, let's instead take a moment to honor some of the guys who make the race what it is, before the helicopters arrive.

Problem is, I'm not especially good at this. I don't read a race as well as some of you guys, and my memory is almost always at capacity. So I'll toss out a couple nominees before turning it over to the rest of you.

* Maxime Monfort -- Since I already mentioned him and had earlier targeted him as a strong dude who can do everything pretty well, and would therefore be an asset to the Columbians.

* Sylvester Szmyd -- Yet another reason Liquigas were so damn amazing this year. They didn't just have the show ponies. They had the draught horses too.

* Jens Voigt -- Not sure he fits in here, but regardless, the award should be named after him.

OK, have at it...