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Mosquera's B-Sample Reportedly Shows No EPO; [Update] Story Bogus?

According to the Spanish sports daily, the B-sample of Xacobeo Galicia's Ezequiel Mosquera taken during the Vuelta a Espana shows no signs of EPO, contrary to the positive finding from his A-sample which resulted in his temporary suspension and threw his second placing at the 2010 Vuelta into doubt. The tests on the B-sample were carried out at the WADA laboratory in Cologne. But the Vacansoleil recruit for 2011 isn't out of the woods yet, because of the possible presence of hydroxyethyl -- a substance which is not banned but which riders cannot take intravenously. Apparently if Mosquera took hydroxyethyl through an IV, he's still in deep sheit. I am taking this from a Google translation of the Marca story, so feel free to add or correct my post in the comments.

[Update] Jens argues that this story sounds like a fabrication. Frankly I'm confused. Stay tuned (for the story, not for me to become unconfused).