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Cancellara Confirms Move to Team Lux


Sporza has the money quote: "Ik ga naar ploeg van de Schlecks" which I'm pretty sure means "I am going to the team of the Schlecks" although the Google Translate gnomes insist it has something to do with plowing. Anyway, with that the worst-kept secret of the transfer season is moved over to the confirmed column.

It's still an odd move from a 2010 perspective, as there are very few cobbled classics guys on the squad besides Stuart O'Grady. However, if you take him seriously regarding his Ardennes ambitions, it starts to make sense. Besides 2009 Liege winner Andy Schleck and 2007 Amstel winner Frank, they'll have Fuglsang, Gerdemann, Feillu, and the ever-useful duo of Maxime Monfort and Jens Voigt. That's a huge stash of firepower for both the hilly classics and of course the Tour de France.

Of course, this isn't a far cry from the Saxo Bank squad he led in 2010, with the exception of Matti Breschel, a fantastic weapon for Riis but who nonetheless didn't figure much in Cancellara's wins in Flanders or Roubaix. So, will the Podium Cafe Rider of the Year confirm our other long-standing suspicion: that he won't have the same targets in 2011 as he did in 2010? Somewhere, Patrick Lefevre and Jonathan Vaughters are chilling champagne and crossing their fingers.