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From the PdC archives: A note on Eddy Merckx's 1973 VDS cost


December 28, 1972 Eddy Merckx 1973

We’ve been getting a lot of dumbheads whining about Eddy Merckx’s price for the 1973 VDS season, and Chris & ursula are making me tell you all where to get off so they can go out and play in the snow and stuff (boys! they think they rule the world but I bet we'll have at least 2 women presidents by the time I'm 30). Anyway, 75 points for Eddy is MORE THAN FAIR!!!! Like, he got over 6200 6400 points last year! MSR, Lombardia, LBL, Fleche Wallonne, Brabantse Pijl, l’Escaut [2010 edit: Scheldeprijs], 6 stages plus the overall AND the maillot vert in the Tour!!!, 4 stages plus overall in the Giro, too!!! 

You’d have to be, like, a total bonehead not to see that the Cannibal, as they like to call him, is easily worth half your VDS points. He might not get 6000+ again next year, but this was at least the third season he’s gone over 5000, and it’s a fair bet that he’ll get at least that again next year. A just about guaranteed 5000 points for only 75???? That’s a bargain and you know it. Add a couple of solid guys like Gimondi and De Vlaeminck and you’re already at 7000-8000 with just three riders. So jeezum-chreezum, folks—grab Merckx while you can, before ursula gets all, like, nyah nyah, and decides he should really be 80 points!!!!

Just to remind you, below the fold are Eddy’s points for 1972 (source: VeloPalmares):

(photo source: Nationaal Archief which is allowing unrestricted use, see section Flickr the Commons at link)


Milan-San Remo 350

Liège-Bastogne-Liège 350

Tour de Lombardie 350

Flèche Wallonne 250

Flèche Brabançonne (Brabantse Pijl) 150

Grand Prix de l'Escaut (Scheldeprijs) 150

Tour d'Emilie 250

Tour du Piemont 100

Tour d'Italie 600

Tour de France 600

Six étapes du Tour de France 480

Quatre étapes du Tour d'Italie 320

Trois étapes de Paris-Nice 120

Maillot Vert du Tour de France 120

2ème du Grand Prix de Frankfort 125

2ème du Grand Prix E3 200

2ème de Paris-Nice 180

3ème de Gand-Wevelgem 180

3ème du Het Volk 180

4ème du Championnat du Monde 250

days in yellow at tour: 15 300

days in green at tour: 10 100

days in pink at giro: 14 280

Tour stage placings: 3x2nd, 1x3rd, 1x4th, 2x5th 225

Giro stage placings: 3x2nd, 1x3rd, 2x4th, 1x5th = 235

Total: 6210  6445

This does not include edit: now includes Giro stage placings, which I couldn't find, edit: but irishpeloton could or for any of the non-VDS palmares below. Some, like 2nd in the Belgian national championships, definitely wouldn’t have scored points. Others, like the Grand Prix Union and A travers Lausanne probably would have been VDS. It’s not impossible that Eddy’s 1972 season could have ended up between 6500-7000 points. In contrast, the best rider of the past few years hasn’t quite reached 3000.

Merckx 1972 non-scoring palmares (maybe for the fun of it ursula or Chris could decide which races they think would have been included, under which categories?):


Grand Prix Union

Trophée Baracchi

Escalade de Montjuich

A travers Lausanne

Deux étapes d'A travers Lausanne

Deux étapes de l'Escalade de Montjuich

















Woluwe-St Lambert


2ème du Championnat de Belgique

2ème du Championnat des Flandres

2ème de Putte-Kapellen

2ème du Trophée Laigueglia