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At Random

Fabian Cancellara Luxembourg Pro Cycling did not send me a press release today. This gave me sad face. I was really enjoying our daily correspondance. But my mama always said, if you don't have anything to say, don't send out a press release. Or something like that.

Meanwhile, has confirmed that Ezequiel Mosquera is still in all kinds of trouble. The enterprising journos at AS talked to the Spanish Federation who still expect to sanction Mosquera for up to two years. It was a nice spin effort while it lasted, wasn't it?

Paolo Bettini gave the Museo Ghisallo a Maglia Rosa. As if we needed yet another reason to visit Como.

On the subject of Italy, Alejandro Valverde finally lost his final appeal in Switzerland. Really, I thought it would never end.

My Twitter tells me that Laurens ten Dam is roadtripping to Mexico. This has all sorts of comedic possiblities. Hopefully, he will not drink the water. Or eat the worm.

Twitter also tells me that Julian Kyer has come to Cali. And he hasn't even come to say hello. Yes, it's a big place. Hope he likes the heat wave.

So, good people, tell me. Quizno's Pro Challenge: Cool or Lame? Because I always believe what you fabulous daylight deprived internet people tell me.

Okay, I'm going away now. Because I must finish a long overdue story. It's about cyclocross. There's mud. And I have lovely photos to go with it. So I really must go write it.

Photo: Getty.