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Contador Case: The UCI Requests Disciplinary Procedure

Alberto Contador Tour de France Clenbuterol DopingAccording to L'Equipe (or, if you prefer Spanish), the UCI has requested that the Spanish Federation open a disciplinary procedure against Alberto Contador. When last we heard from the UCI on the Contador case, Pat McQuaid explained that the UCI awaited a report from WADA. Did the UCI get the report? Well, these brief news clips don't say. But presumably, they got something, or the UCI realized they couldn't wait forever on the Contador case. I believe there's a clichè about this sort of situation somewhere, but I'll leave it to you, lovely reader, to decide. For anyone who may have slept through the past month of news, Contador tested positive during the Tour de France for traces of Clenbuterol, which he claimed entered his body by way of contaminated meat.

Update! The Spanish Federation has one month to decide the case. That's the rule in the UCI rule book. Which Shane Stokes over at VeloNation read, so you can read, too.

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty.