'Team Leopard' it is! UPDATE: Or isn't! Or is it?

Jersey to be "cool and simple, a classic look"

Jakob Fuglsang sang thusly to CN on the name and jersey of the Luxembourg Cycling Project: "I saw a picture of what it could look like. You can expect something cool and simple, a classic look. From what we saw it has the Leopard logo on it and it’s well done. Leopard is the name on the centre of the jersey. It’s called Team Leopard. That’s what it’s going to be to begin with, and that’s how it looks for the moment."

Not a mention of leopard print...come on, how can they not?

UPDATE: Brian Nygaard is denying that the team name is 'Leopard.' So, did Fuglsang dream the whole 'I saw the jersey design' thing, or was he just messing with us? Or is Nygaard simply and classically angry that the news was scooped by one of his riders, and when we get to the January 6th presentation, we'll all be surprised to find out it is 'Team Leopard' after all? Incidentally, the Still Untitled Luxembourg Cycling Project riders do seem to call it that--Tom Stamsnijder tweeted this on December 8th: Welcom to crans montana, 1st teammeeting of team leopard!!

If they can't keep their story straight, how can we?