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Bike Talk Radio... Tonight!



It's our end-of-year special in which I check in... with a song. Come on by! Show starts at 8:30pm Eastern. [Lyrics revealed later on the flip -- and apologies to Julie Andrews.]

Raindrops on white roads and whiskers on Zabriskie
Hard work on the front and attacks that seem risky
Saxo chains suddenly jumping chainrings
These were a few of my favorite things.

Sadly, there's more...

Riding up the Muur and Boonen in trouble

Attacking from distance and doing the double

Hoisting the cobble that victory brings

These were a few of my favorite things


When the crash hits

When the tire splits

When the season lags

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad


Evans in Tuscany mud head to heel

Gilbert in Toledo with a new sword of steel

Breschel is gasping while Thor Hushovd sings

These were a few of my favorite things


Basso in panic at Arroyo descending

Shleck and Contador and suspenseful endings

Nibali sprouting a new pair of wings

These were a few of my favorite things


Anton’s heartache

Farrar’s wrist break

Sometimes cycling’s sad

But 2011 is in a few weeks

and now I don’t feel so bad.