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Geraint Thomas Live Chat!

Geraint Thomas


Welcome to the Podium Cafe live chat with British National Champion Geraint Thomas of Team Sky. Yay! Geraint will join us for the next hour to answer all your questions about life as a pro bike racer. Professional since 2007, Geraint finished fourth in the prologue at the 2010 Tour de France and has a lengthy list of results on the track, including an Olympic gold medal in the team pursuit. Wondering how a rider transitions from track to road? Here's your chance to find out. Also, learn what it's like to ride for a new team loaded with both talent and expectations.

If Geraint doesn't get to your question, don't be sad. You can catch up with him later over @GeraintThomas86. Regulars, please remember to rec up Geraint's answers so they get that lovely green glow. Please also remember to pace your questions so our guest isn't completely overwhelmed. If you're new to the Cafe, grab a username and join the fun!

Thanks to Geraint and all of you lovely people for coming. Enjoy!

Thanks to Gayle, @Gayle_Seren_PR, for the assist with this story!