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Merry Crossmas

Today and tomorrow are joyous holidays for many, a time when we (OK, you) become engulfed in family fun. So you might not have time to watch cyclocross. Good thing, because by the time you've picked up the wrapping paper and washed up the Christmas dinner dishes, it's nothing but 'Cross from then on for the rest of 2010:

  • Sunday: UCI World Cup event, Zolder (BE)
  • Monday: Superprestige event, Diegem (BE)
  • Wednesday: GvA Trofee event, Loenhout (BE)
  • Saturday next (1.1.11): GvA Trofee event, Baal (BE)
Sporza will probably carry every last one of them live, albeit at the usual too-early-for-Pacific-time hour. I'll look to the locals to fill in some of the details as to the courses themselves. But clearly this is what that song means when it speaks of this as "the most wonderful time of the year." Amen, brah.