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Got Captions?

'Tis the season... for team photo sessions. Oh team photos, how I love you. How I love your goofy expressions and stilted poses. How I adore your sponsor-pleasing contortions. New kits! Shiny white athletic shoes! Just once, I'd like to see a team wear Converse with their kits for picture day. Or maybe flip flops? How about a floppy beach hat? Alas, no floppy beach hat sponsors have joined pro cycling. At least, not yet.

And then, there's Quick Step. Really, what's a team to do with a mattress company as a sponsor? Why make mattress photos of course.

Exhibit A: Team Time Trial?

Exhibit B: He looks a little lonely, actually.

Yes, I'm afraid it's still the off-season. Credit to @sansenmag for finding these bits of drollery to enliven this dark winter day.