Vuelta a Chile 2011

Vuelta a Chile is back to the calendar after 4 years thanks to a partnership between the government and the local cable company VTR. This year's parcours will be the longest ever with 1200 km and 10 stages crossing 11 out of the 15 regions of Chile and 17 towns. There are 2 time trials, 7 possible sprint finishes and 1 queen stage arriving in Farellones at 2400m of altitude. This will be a 2.2 UCI Event and 23 international teams were invited. 

Vuelta a Chile starts on January 27th and ends on February 6th 2011 and could be a good training race during the northern hemisphere winter.

For more details on the stages and a video preview of the last climb of the queen stage jump to flip.

So here we go with the details:

Vuelta a Chile starts in the North of the country for stages 1 to 4 after a transfer to the very south end of Chile we will have 6 more stages coming from the south to Santiago, including the queen stage to Farellones (Stage 9).

Stage 1 is a 8.8 km time trial in the desert town of Arica

Stage 2 is a 130 km circuit begining and ending in Iquique (1 loop)

Stage 3 is a 125 km road race begining and ending in Antofagast. It is a 1 loop very similar to stage 2.

Stage 4 is a 129 km loop around Copiapo featuring a KOM at km 62.

After an airplane transfer we have Stage 5 from Puerto Montt to Osorno featuring a cat 3 KOM at km 23 and 2 intermediate sprints on KMs 10 and 98.

Stage 6 has 165 km from Valdivia to Temuco.

February 2nd has 2 stages: Stage 7A is a 17km time trial in Concepcion (the most affected town by the February earthquake) starting at 9:00 am while Stage 7B goes from Concepcion  to Chillan a nice ski resort town. This features 2 KOM at Kms 25 and 35 for a total of 117 km. I am guessing on this one the break can make it.

Stage 8 is lighter with 117 Km from Talca to Curico. A little rest before the queen stage.

Stage 9 is the queen stage going from Rancagua to Farellones and has 143km. The last 32 km is the climb to Farellones ski resort. This is a place I and every cyclist in Santiago has probably done more than once.The first 16 km are moderate climb with only 2 ramps of around 600 m that could be of good use as an attack launch platform. Anyway my guess is that the favorite's group ride together until the last 16 km and everything is decided in the 40 switchbacks leading to the ski resort of Farellones.

Stage 10 is a 100 km circuit divided in 18 laps around the government house in Santiago and should be non-decisive a la Champs Elises.

This is the link to the official site.

And here a video by yours truly so you can have a closer look at the queen stage.

Hope you enjoy it.